A little bit about CodeNamed

Who is CodeNamed

At CodeNamed we love the web. Period. We're passionate about web development, how it evolves, how it grows, how it gets leaner.

There is a lot more to web development than most people realize. People only see the design, the colours, the layout... And that's why we, being the "computer guys" at our families, every so often get the question 'you guys do something or other with websites, don't you?'. Oh boy.

Web development

A web application is much more than just the user interface, the layout and colours; there are a couple of layers "behind" it.

Front and back, back and forth

Our job is to write code for the front and back-end. On the front-end layer there's some JavaScript, HTML and CSS. On the back-end you find what is called server-side code, where we use the C# programming language to get all the bits and bytes to dance to our tune.
All this comes together on a web server, which takes care of serving you a beautiful page, like Facebook or Twitter, when you type an address in your browser.

CodeNamed illustratie

So, what is it that CodeNamed does?

We love developing for the web and that means front to back and back to front. We build web applications from the ground up and into the cloud.

We also offer advice on the many technology choices, and during the development phase.
When it comes to server-side development, the Microsoft ecosystem is our flavour of choice; that means we build our own products with and we try to help with all your question on the .NET Framework and Windows Azure, their fantastic cloud platform.

Want to know more? Mail, tweet or drop by for a cup of coffee!