Aurelia resources round-up

It keeps on surprising (and pleasing) me to see how well adopted and embraced Aurelia is, taking into account that it isn't officially out yet.

The good thing about that is that there's new Aurelia resources popping up almost every week. Here's a quick round-up:

  • Aurelia: Next Generation Web Apps - A talk by Rob Eisenberg.
    The man behind Durandal en Aurelia himself gave a talk about Aurelia at the 2015 NDC conference in Oslo. This is the video of the talk. In this one hour video you'll learn about 80% of what you need to know to get going with Aurelia. A must see.

  • The New JavaScript: ES6 - by Rob Eisenberg.
    At the same NDC, Rob Eisenberg gave a talk introducing the what's new in ECMAScript 6, the new version of JavaScript. Watch as Rob guides you through the many changes in this major paradigm shift in the JavaScript language. A very handy video since Aurelia realies heavily on ES6.

  • End To End Testing with Aurelia and Protractor
    Once you start writing code, you'll also want to test it. And where unit-testing frameworks like Jasmine fall short, Protractor comes in. Originally written for AngularJS, this post by Rob Eisenberg shows how it can also be used with Aurelia.

  • Bundling an Aurelia Application
    Now that you have written some code and tested it, you'll probably want to get everything ready for deployment by bundling and minifying your JavaScript files. This post covers a lot of what you need to know in order to bundle an Aurelia app.

  • Animating Apps with Aurelia - Part 1 and Animating Aurelia
    Two blog posts aimed at helping you create animations within an Aurelia application; for that lats little bit of polish before you go live ;)

  • Passing additional, bindable data to an Aurelia route
    Wondering how to pass link-specific information to the links in the navigation bar that the router generates for you? Wonder no more.

If you happen to have a Pluralsight account --which, incidentally, you should -- be sure to check this amazing Aurelia course by Scott Allen:

That’ll be it for now. If you have any other valuable links, by all means, let me know in the comments and I’ll be sure to add them to the list.